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Sinner Or Saint? Vampyr Releases New Screenshots


Acclaimed developer Studio DontNod has finally released some more screenshots of their new action RPG Vampyr, and it is beginning to show the duality of the main character.

It would appear that the game won’t just be about stalking your prey from the shadows and draining them of their blood. You will also have a chance to save some people in the process and maybe even ultimately save yourself.


Players will take on the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid who has just become a vampire. The problem is he is still a doctor at heart and does not want to give in to the bloodlust of the creature he has become. It will be up to the player to decide who lives and who dies all while attempting to keep their own health and abilities in check. Player progression will be based on who they decide to feast on, which in turn will unlock special powers and abilities for their character. But as a doctor you will have the ability to add balance to the system by saving people too. Ultimately who lives and who dies will have a large impact on the living, breathing ecosystem of London and the story that unfolds within.


Vampyr will stay in the shadows for now as the developer have estimated a release sometime in 2017.

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