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Sign Your Own Death Certificate in the Necropolis Collectors Edition

For those of you not in the know, Necropolis is a rogue like, high style, low-poly dungeon crawler with perma-death and crazy difficult combat. Not only does the game look unique, but a special collectors edition will now add more ways for you to die. The gang over at iam8bit, the geniuses behind the stellar Hyper Light Drfiter Collectors Edition, are at it again, and have put together a killer collectors edition that will be perfect for any fan of physical and digital dungeon crawlers.


The Necropolis Collectors Edition will include the following:

    • Includes Game Code (STEAM, PS4, XBOX One)
    • Full Digital Soundtrack
    • Customizable Death Certificate
    • 180-gram Vinyl
    • Pen and Paper dungeon crawler game

Some of the more unique elements of the collectors edition are, of course, the pen and paper game, and the customizable death certificate. With the pen and paper dungeon crawler, the album art doubles as a classic D&D-style game, including an instruction sheet and player piece. But beware: it’s said that it’s almost impossible to navigate the maze without dying, so are you up to the task? And, in keeping with the tone of perma-death punishments, a fancy, fully customizable Death Certificate is also included.


Many deaths await you in the Necropolis Collectors Edition, which you can pre order right now for just $50 over at

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