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Rungunjumpgun… Try Saying That Three Times Fast!


A 2D infinite runner with a warped space-opera story? A gun that makes you jump or kill things with a simple two button setup? Twisted, neon-drenched art from the same guy that brought us the killer classic Hotline Miami? Count me in!

This wacky little shooter looks to shake things up a bit in the infinite-runner scene by giving the player a little more to chew on than a high score.

Most infinite runners lose steam quick because of dull gameplay and visuals with little to no story. Rungunjumpgun features a full story mode that spans three unique worlds and delivers over 120 insanely fun and challenging levels, set to a hyperkinetic soundtrack to keep the action intense and immersion deep.

The levels will also be packed with collectibles, to challenge those achievement hunters with even the best twitch reflex skills.




Rungunjumpgun is set to run and gun on August 31st for PC and Mac. For more info, you can visit their Steam page here.

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