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Run Plumber Run!


It’s been a long time coming, but everyone’s favourite Italian plumber makes his big debut on mobile platforms this December.

Super Mario Run is the second mobile title from Nintendo after the social game hit Miitomo. Super Mario Run is obviously Nintendo’s take on the ever-popular endless runner genre and it looks like it will deliver on everything you expect from this type of game. Players will tap the screen to help Mario avoid obstacles, enemies, and collect coins to eventually reach that beloved flag pole at the end.


On release, the game will cost $9.99 and grant unlimited access to each of the three modes, and Nintendo will also offer a free version that will allow players the chance to check out all three modes of the title first before buying. As expected, since the game was first shown off at an Apple press conference, the game will find its way onto iOS and iPad devices first. There is no word yet if Super Mario Run will be released on Android devices but at this point is would seem ridiculous not to support the market share of mobile devices.  Look for Super Mario Run when it drops Dec 15.

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