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Rocket League… INNNN SPAAAACE!


Rocket League has already amazed, entertained, and blown people away with its fun gameplay and huge amounts of DLC. Fans have been competing for fame and fortune in the realm of eSports with it. We have gotten to see creative new maps envisioned in new and interesting ways. They have given us an ever-expanding garage of awesome new rides. So what is left for a game that has seemingly done it all? Well, go to space, of course! Check out Starbase ARC!

That’s right, Rocket League is heading to space with their newest outing on a space station. And along with that comes a beautiful new car known as the “Vulcan”. As usual, the map will be a free addition and the car will be part of the premium DLC with an expected price of $1.99. But of course the extras don’t stop there, as Psyonix will be unleashing a new group of rare and super rare crate items, along with a free skin update for the original X-Devil and Gizmo.




Fans can look forward to Rocket League Starbase ARC and all of its amazing content when the update drops on Dec 7!

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