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Rise and Shine Heads to The Xbox One in January

Super Mega Team recently released a trailer for their upcoming game, Rise and Shine. Take a look!



This title focuses on the adventures of a young boy named Rise teaming up with the wise talking sentient gun, Shine in order to save the world of video games. Rise and Shine combines elements of puzzle games, platformers, arcade shooters and bullet hell games and aims to be a love letter to gaming history. From watching the trailer, it looks like the gameplay can get fairly intense with massive screen-filling robot enemies. Personally, I am curious to see what kind of references to past video games will make into Rise and Shine.


Rise and Shine is being published by Adult Swim Games. This publisher has quite a few notable games under its belt. Titles such as Headlander, Duck Game, and Jazzpunk have gained a lot of notoriety due their unique mechanics and their great sense of humour. Considering the type of titles that Adult Swim Games takes on, it will be interesting to see if this game will follow suit. Players can look forward to trying out Rise and Shine on the Xbox One and PC on January 13, 2017. The game is also available for preorder right now. I just wonder if the talking gun in this game will be as foul-mouthed as Johnson from Shadow of the Damned.

The Rise and Shine reminds Nedu of his crippling coffee addiction. He is also a content writer on AYBOnine. His views are his own. 

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