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Razer Nabu X The Good, the Bad, and The LED’s

The Razer Nabu X

With the new trend of smart watches going around, gamers have developed their own version.

It took the entire span of 2014 for the Razer Nabu to finally get an official release, but that didn’t stop Razer from revealing its cheaper Razer Nabu X at CES 2015.

Discontinuing the OLED screen, on the surface the Razer Nabu X is a basic notification wearable, with a few tricks hidden up its sleeve – the biggest of which is its price point. You can pick one up for under $50.



The Razer Nabu X comes in three colors options;

Black and Green, White and Gold, And Green and black. All decent looking wristbands.

The wearable has the signature green Razer color on its back and sides and, when you’re wearing the Nabu X, you can see this glowing trim protruding from your wrist. The band is rubber and described as a one-size-fits all kind of band, but the wearable just barely fits my own wrist. Even though there are holes for the wristband to be adjustable, it’s just a little to tight.

The Nabu X is actually one of the most discrete and comfortable fitness trackers I have tested. The build quality is quite amazing, and it is very comfortable. Some times I don’t even notice I am wearing it.

To keep the price down Razer has choose to go without the OLED display from the original Nabu. Instead, it uses a trio of LED lights to inform the user of step goals, smartphone notifications and alarms. These lights, which can glow red, blue or green, are on the front of the module and shine through the strap.

Razer claims a five to seven day battery life for the Nabu X, although the battery only lasted, for myself, maybe 3 and a half days. Still a decent life cycle from a lithium-polymer power pack. This Bluetooth band will work with any Android device running Android 4.3 or above and iPhones from the 5/5c/5s and higher.

The Good SideThe Bad Side
The Razer Nabu X is water proof up to 30m.
So why not go dance in the rain?
When the Razer Nabu X is wet it can get very uncomfortable to wear, it rubs on your skin
The battery on the Razer Nabu X can last up to 5 Days.The charging connector is not a normal connector you can just grab from a store
The fitness tracker is a great featureBut the fitness tracker is not fully accurate

So in conclusion this Razer wearable is a fine piece of equipment, but you need to be careful the rubber wrist band does break easily. If you enjoy a small sleek wearable, then you may enjoy the Razer Nabu X.

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