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Prepare To Die With Dark Souls 3 Tomorrow


Dark Souls 3 may have already released across the pond a couple weeks back, but the gateway to punishing deaths and epic game play is set to open at midnight tonight for North American fans. That’s right, the long awaited third installment is almost upon us and it looks like a true return to form for the Souls series.


As usual, the story in Dark Souls 3 is a bit of a mystery and most fans want to keep it that way. Even though the Japanese have been streaming the game since its initial release on March 25th, most people interested in the game have kept away from watching anything about the game because of the obvious spoilers.  It has been reported that Dark Souls 3 does have some connections to characters and locations from the previous games, but it won’t be a direct link.

One of the best things they have added to the series is the faster and more intense combat from its sister game BloodBorne. The game now offers more mobile combat with weapons that have multiple different attacks. This was added to not so much to add depth to the game, but to make it accessible for more people. We now have more choices than ever when it comes to weapons and combat styles to deal with pesky corpses and dragons of the cursed lands.


Dark Souls 3 promises to be the hardest game in the series with more enemy types and some of the hardest boss fights ever seen in a Souls game. Even though they added more weapons and combat styles to make it accessible make no mistake, the difficulty of the game will put everyone in their place. One of the enhancements that has been made to boss encounters is that the boss will add or change attacks and tactics as it learns from the players combat style. This could make for some truly amazing encounters. Any fan of the series will tell you it’s an absolute relief to hear they stayed on track for making a game with soul crushing difficulty.


Being an huge fan with so many hours invested in the series, I’m personally glad to see they have kept the Dark Souls title going strong after all these years. So praise the sun and prepare to die once again when Dark Souls 3 releases in North America tomorrow for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dandr0id is a content writer for, a producer for Level 1 Scrubs podcast and an avid fan of Dark Souls. “If only he could be so grossly incandescent”. His opinions are his own.

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