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Pray to the RNG Gods in Pathfinder Adventures for iOS/Android


As someone who really enjoys the thrill of barely surviving a module of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game by Paizo Games, I’m (un)happy to say I can re-live my “survived with 1 card left” panic attacks anywhere on mobile (no) thanks to Obsidian Games.



Pathfinder Adventures takes the massive card and dice multiplayer tabletop game to your little screen and puts you in an epic adventure of risk for rewards. The game utilizes elements of deck building allowing for some unique play styles for each character’s attack and spells.

Each unique character can also be built according to the player’s flavor (with preferred direction of course); prefer to have someone who can blast enemies in exchange for one time use spells? Or prefer to be a trap/chest master and avoid conflicts? You can build your stats to excel at the primary function or balance stats to make up for your poor wisdom or intelligence. I personally build for less risk and go for more dice to roll or flat additional points; after all character death in Pathfinder is permanent… Nothing is safe in the game, you may have enough strength to break down a door, but you’re likely to cause you and your party to fall down a trap hole if you do not have the acrobatics to jump to safety. Teamwork and a well balanced team can go a long way and your smooth talking charismatic party member maybe be a blessing to have… Blessing cards are a huge part of the game; you’ll get the joke once you download it on iOS or Android today.

Kelvin M. is a Content Contributor for AYBOnline who has the worst love-hate relationship with dice.

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