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Play as a Fox With a Sword in Vulpine!

Clockwork Giant Games has recently revealed a bizarre open-world game where you play as a fox. With a sword. Because… you know… evolution?

In Vulpine, players will have a choice between a fox, rabbit, bear or other forest critters. In classic video game fashion, the animals fit into categories of small, medium and large, with the small ones being quick but weak and the large ones being slow but strong. On top of choosing a woodland mammal, you will also choose a weapon, whether it will be a spear, sword or a hammer.


Players will have to hunt for food, fight hulking monsters and explore various locals. It appears that players will be treated to forests, dungeons, and ancient civilizations. Like many survival games before it, Vulpine allows players to gather materials, craft items and food, as well as mark your own territory. Marking territory enables players to build a shelter to sleep in and store items. Players can face the wilderness on their own or with large packs of friends.

This game looks nuts in a very cool way. Clockwork Giant Games was inspired by Tokyo Jungle and it shows. Vulpine has a very simplistic look that I am not crazy about, but considering the fact that the studio is only made up of two brothers, this seems fair. While I very much appreciate aesthetics, gameplay is more what piques my interest. The idea of playing as a sword-wielding rabbit is very enticing.

Vulpine is currently on Kickstarter. You can visit their page right here. The game is expected to be released in July 2017.

Nedu is a writer for AYBOnline. He fears the animal uprising and stays ever vigilant. His views are his own.

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