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Paris Games Week Surprise – Nier: Automata

Following the Paris Games Week trend, Square Enix unveils the gameplay trailer for Nier: Automata, which is still being developed by Platinum Games. This game follows the 2010 release of the first installment of the action-packed RPG series, Nier.

From the trailer, we can see the heroine – simply named “2B” – facing off against wave after wave of machines with fearless precision and style, reminiscent of the action-packed feel of Devil May Cry. The fast-paced music emphasizes the struggle ravaging the world, machine and human clashing against one another.

With vastly different environments to face your enemies in, paired with the mysterious character 2B we have yet to learn more about, Nier: Automata is looking to be one of those kickass games to check out once it’s released.

What do you think? Check out the trailer below!

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