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Panache Digital Games Annouces First Game

Not all the announcements at E3 happen in the big press conferences. Sometimes there’s some very interesting titles shown in between the big events. Panache Digital Games’ announcement today fits in that group.

Panache Digital Games is a fairly new studio comprised entirely of veterans from Ubisoft, most with backgrounds working on Assassin’s creed. The studio just announced it’s first game in an exclusive interview on YouTube’s live stream right after the Playstation event. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is… well… I don’t really know.

The trailer had me curious and guessing from start to end. It starts off with a black screen and some music. 2015 now – shows up on the screen, followed by 2013 Higgs Boson. 2003 Human DNA decoded. This continues on through to the distant, distant past, ultimately stopping at 5 000 000 years in ago, listing different milestones in evolution along the way.

Patrice Desilets, Panache Co-founder and Creative Director, was there to answer a few questions but he wasn’t saying much about the game. This is just a reveal, more information has been promised later this year. 

What we do know right now is that the game starts 5 million years in the past, when man’s ancestors first stood on two feet. Desilets was tight lipped about how exactly the game would work but did say that early man used to swing from the trees, so you can make you own assumptions from that. The game focusses around key moments in our evolutionary history, and you’ll work your way through them as you progress in the game.

No release window has been mentioned, but the Desilets said they will be back next year with a playable version. Don’t expect to see the game in person before late 2016 or even later, but we’ll bring you all the news as we come across it.

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