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Observer: System Redux Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

I can’t begin to share my excitement upon seeing that Observer is not only coming to next-gen consoles but it’s received some much-deserved upgrades.

Introducing Observer: System Redux.

Observer was a hit game from 2017 set in a cyberpunk horror universe. You play as Daniel Lazarski: an elite neural detective known as an Observer, the new front line of neural police. You must wade through digitally plagued lands of 2084 Poland and dig deep towards the truth.

I am excited to share we will see some improvements to the game, and some I cannot wait for such as 4K, 60fps with ray tracing.

This will fully bring out the true nature of this game and wow newcomers to the series.

You can find out more about Observer: System Redux on their official website. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, too!

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