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New to BaseLAN: Indie Alley Developer Showcase

If you attended C4 WonderLand and checked out our gaming room, you may have had the chance to check out two local developers’ games: Parallax, and Wand Wars. Well, we have exciting news! On Saturday at 4:30 PM at BaseLAN 28, for the first time ever we will have a dedicated local developer showcase space, showcasing four local developers’ games:

Toaster Squirrel Studio will be showing their game Last Refuge. Play online with up to three of your friends, delving into procedurally generated dungeons that create an environment never experienced twice, and craft unique weapons by mixing and matching different weapon parts. Think Monster Hunter meets Super Metroid and Spelunky!

Laser Shark Boss
“Sharks with frickin’ laser beams!”

Speaking of multiplayer, bring three of your friends to the developer area and challenge them to a game of Wand Wars! Recently greenlit on steam, Wand Wars is a local multiplayer sports game which plays a bit like Raiden, a bit like tennis, and a bit like the final battle between Link and Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. Dribble ever-growing spheres of pure magic, ride your brooms over otherworldly courts and outmaneuver your opponents with skillful dashes and dodges. Collect powerups to keep the game on edge, hone your sense of timing and unleash arcane spells.

Toasty Games will be showcasing their first person puzzle platformer Parallax, available now on Steam, HumbleBundle, and! Weave back and forth between the positive and negative dimension, as you try to be in the right place, in the right dimension, at the right time. Use switches, boosters and gravity to help you reach the exit. Come test your brain and say hi to developer Zi Ye!

While you’re waiting to try out the Oculus in the demo area, check out Man Overboard! created for VRJam 2015! Become a human cannonball to blast off and collect treasure chests before your ammo runs out, but avoid falling into the water! Think Wind Waker meets Donkey Kong, but in first person!

Come check out these great games at our Indie Alley demo area at BaseLAN 28, starting at 4:30 PM on Saturday!

Check out Last Refuge at:

Check out Wand Wars at:

Check out Parallax at:

Check out Man Overboard! on Challenge Post

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