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New Releases — Week of August 3 — Now Dairy-Free!

Swoosh, here we are, fam. Another week, another set list of sick games coming out to cripple your Steam wallet, and man do we have a set list this week. Prepare yourselves for this week’s New Release titles!

First, for the sake of everything in the known universe, we’re gonna start things with some top-shelf indie and lead into cray next-level gaming. I hope you are ready mentally, and all your senses linked and synced, because New Release gaming starts now!

A screenshot from the Dandy trailer.

Dandy: Or a Brief Glimpse Into the Life of the Candy Alchemist is the story of Dandy, the last of a dwindling line of Candy Alchemists. You play as Dandy and discover what drove him mad on his obsessive search for new ingredients in the ruins of an ancient world. So get ready for a game that will absolutely destroy you down to the cellular level — yes, all 37.2 trillion will cry out in pain as you slowly slip into the dark abyss of an endless cycle of permadeath roguelike shoot’-em-up games.

In Dandy, you the player will experience what I like to call “some next-level shit,” with beautiful graphics and fast-paced gameplay. Any speedrunner/roguelike junkie is going to get all hot and bothered over this. With every playthrough being different and with thousands of power-up combos, there are powerful synergies to discover. Each power-up is gonna give Dandy a new look. Another sweet feature is 3-player local co-op; just hook up controllers and go nuts.

Next we invite you to Dream. Dream is a beautifully-designed exploration game that takes place within the subconscious mind of Howard Phillips, a young man whose waking hours are tedious and dull. (For most of us — myself included — this will speak to us.) In Dream, we explore his dreams, which are lucid and powerful. We’ll adventure through abstract worlds, solve the challenges within and discover the key to Howard’s future.

There are many different worlds that make up the dreams; some will be strange, some will be absolutely beautiful, chilling and terrifying. All of these worlds are loaded with hours of puzzles, surprises and even collectibles. Explore snow-covered deserts, endless twisted stairways and nightmares that await you. The non-linear narrative and gameplay gives you the freedom to explore as you will.

In closing, after doing some reading on this title I cannot wait to dive in myself.

Pulling at the heart strings for some, the beloved classic King’s Quest comes back for a beautifully-done new tale in the timeless series. The series got its original start in 1983 with Kings Quest 1; this was the start of gaming for most of us out there, a tale we enjoyed with our parents as children inspired to create and share their own stories. This new game lets us again join in an epic adventure across the magical land of Daventry.

We’ll be at the forefront of a new era for the series, this time around; we’ll be given a brand-new original story over five chapters, focusing on the untold tale of Graham’s past.

And finally, the one thing that will absolutely rock you to your core, shaking the foundation of your existence, and as you fall to your knees all you’ll see is the slow, sinking, endless void. Like a quicksand, you’re swept away in a flood of emotion. The ground beneath you begins to fade. Your only salvation is Raiseland, the premier terrain-generation simulator.

Raiseland is a procedural terrain generator tool that will let you modify terrain in real time. Not only that, but it combines the power, speed and majesty of procedural techniques with the flexibility of your imagination. This software is powered by a very optimized engine that will deliver almost limitless terrain.(Quality and size willl only be limited by your rendering engine.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “what about the camera-free fixed views, texturing, and non-destructive editing that I typically demand from my terrain-generation programs?” Well, I’m here to reassure you that it’s all there, balanced with a unique in-house algorithm. Your creations will be created as you see fit.

So don’t let the ground fall from beneath your feet, creation for your game world awaits!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s New Releases. Don’t forget about the Dota 2 International viewing at Reset Interactive Ultralounge starting today at noon! Or the deadly CAP event this Friday! If you don’t see me there, you can catch me live this Thursday with the Level One Scrubs Podcast at Reset, where we will be talking about Dota 2!  You can check out last week’s segment here.

Orion is a Contributing Editor for and self-proclaimed Field Reporter. Catch him Thursdays at Reset Interactive Ultralounge with the official AYBOnline “Level One Scrubs” Podcast, live on Twitch!

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