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New Releases — Week of August 24th — Finally I’m Back Edit. V1.2.334

That’s right you Cadillacs, it is I, the Gluten Free™ hero this site needs, finally back with some new release news. So buckle in and prepare to fly off to lands unknown, revisit a classic, and examine questionable life choices.

Welcome to New Releases.

A screenshot from the Dead in Bermuda trailer.

First, we have Dead In Bermuda, a survival management game with aspects of strategy and action. This is definitely an indie game I can see myself playing. Reason one: the trailer pulled me in immediately with an appropriate amount of teases. It showed gameplay, story, and established that feeling of “Oh shit what’s going to happen next?”

Point two: the art style. I’m a sucker for a game with great art, and at first glance, this has just that certain style that I look for. That being said, reading about the story, I do look forward to adding this title to my Steam library in the coming weeks!

Next up: sometimes life gives us lemons, and we make lemonade. Then sometimes life gives us a lot of spare time, and we decide to reinvent a classic game into a wild hybrid with beautifully drawn anime women. I’ve never taken the time to dip into this genre; however, my good friend Esato volunteered to take me on this perilous journey and educate me on this realm. He would be proud with this new release, Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire.

Where do we even start? Well,  how about the art style… er, well, it’s self-explanatory, and if you’ve read up to this point it’s your kinda game.

At first glance we ask ourselves, “is this the next ESL game?”, “Is this FINALLY Half Life 3?”, and “Hot dog, I hope this has Amiibo support!”. All fair questions and predictions, but Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire is more than… well, actually, it’s a disappointing no for all of those. Sorry VR junkies, the Vibe won’t be leaking any Half Life 4 in this game. This is exactly what is sounds like, an intense puzzle game mixed with questionable images of scantily-clad women to carry you through the fast-paced gameplay. Like, come on people — WHO combines the two hardest games in the world into one? With the reward of, well… images”.

Anyways, this game is not for the weak of heart, or mind, etc.

Lastly, I’m here to bore you with the knowledge that the Mega Man Legacy Collection is out on PC. Just when you thought Capcom had enough money, boy were you wrong.

Originally released on the Gamecube, Mega Man Legacy Collection lets you re-adventure through the first six Mega Man games in all their 8-bit glory. Relive these classic adventures and the beginning of many of our gaming careers!

Capcom and Digital Eclipse Software have remastered the game with HD 8-bit graphics. (I didn’t know this was possible, welcome to 2k15 I guess. 8-bit is the new 60 FPS.) But wait, there’s more: Mega Man Legacy Collection features online leader boards, a new remix mode and video replays!

That’s it for New Releases this week. I’ll be on-site at PAX Prime this weekend in hopes of finding some unreal new up-and-coming titles to tell you about! Be sure to follow the Facebook page and Twitter for live updates from the event; heck, if you’re lucky, there may even be a video or two!

So until next Thursday when you hamburgers can catch me on the podcast, I’ll see you all then.

Orion, AYB Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, he has a high gluten tolerance and enjoys a firm handshake. Trust us when we say his opinions are his own.

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