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New Releases — Week of 5/12/2015

All that is right with the world.

Taking over this week solely so I can post this picture of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan as Jesus, complete with happy adorable pitbull.

All that is right with the world.

See? He’s so happy!

Anyway, vidjama games are a-comin’ out:

MAY 12th

Invisible, Inc., the latest from Mark of the Ninja devs Klei Entertainment, sneaks into view. I know literally nothing about this game except for the fact that it’s Klei doing their take on X-COM, and frankly, that’s all I need to know. Klei did such a phenomenal job with Mark of the Ninja that anything else from them is buy-on-sight, as far as I’m concerned.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years arrives on Steam, courtesy of developer Round Agon Square Enix. I think I sunk about seventy or eighty (-hundred) hours into the original FFIV, so this is definitely going on the wishlist!

MAY 14th

Stardock title Galactic Civilizations III exits Early Access and enters geosynchronous orbit over your games library. As with Invisible, Inc., this is a developer with a high pedigree doing a game in the genre they’re best known for. Do you like space 4X games? You’ve probably played, or at least tried, something Stardock has done. Also, this is probably already on your list. Why am I still talking?

Axiom Verge arrives, courtesy of one-man-show Tom Happ. I’ve had a soft spot for single-developer games ever since I dove deeeeeep into Dean Dodrill’s Dust: An Elysian Tail. Axiom Verge was well-received in its initial PS4 release, netting a perfect score and high praise from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann; looks good!

Devolver Digital hits us up with Not A Hero. I will now paste the plot summary of Not A Hero, unedited, as found on Wikipedia about five minutes ago: The anthropomorphic, purple rabbit BunnyLord has travelled back in time from 2048 to be elected as mayor to save the world as it is known from total destruction and alien invasion. During his candidate-ship, he needs to show the citizens why he should be elected and sets up freelance anti-heroes to clean up crime in the city under his name. I am so sold.

MAY 19th

Some witch-related thing? The Witchest? And there’s a hunt involved? I dunno.

Also, Ride is coming out, from MotoGP developers Milestone. Will it revitalize motorcycle racing, the same way single-word-title-that-is-also-a-verb-that-describes-the-thing-you-do-in-the-game skate did for skateboarding? Tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat ow jeez Orion that really hurt why are you ow ow not the kneecap not the kneecap no no nuooohhh god help me Daniel Bryan

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