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New Releases: The Spice of Life

Gavin here again, bringing you the new releases for this week. We’ve got a nice variety of stuff to choose from, so lets get started!

TrackMania Turbo

Coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on March 22nd is another entry in a rather well-known (Editor’s Note: and infamous at BaseLAN! — JM) series: TrackMania Turbo. It’s touting crazy stunts and a robust track creator, in the hopes it is as replayable and well-loved as previous entries in the series.

If you liked the older TrackMania games, chances are this is gonna give you more of what you love. If you’ve somehow missed this series until now, you’ve got an introduction below.

Fallout 4: Automatron

Releasing March 23rd for PC Xbox One and PS4 is the first DLC for the highly acclaimed Fallout 4, entitled Fallout 4: Automatron.

The DLC is bringing more customization to the game’s already impressive amount of tweaking, this time by allowing you to create and customize your own robots in the nuclear wasteland. You’re gonna need them in order to take on and protect the wasteland from new antagonist The Mechanist.

You’ll find a trailer below. Have fun!

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

Also coming out on March 23rd is a rather unusual entry into the Collectable Card Game (CCG) genre from the creators of RuneScape. It’s called Chronicle, and it’s pretty much an answer to Hearthstone from the looks of it. It allows you to play around with characters and locations from the land of RuneScape and eventually build your own decks to shuffle up with. If you still wax nostalgic about RuneScape on occasion, or enjoyed Hearthstone, this could merit keeping an eye on.

I’ve attached a trailer below, give it a look.

That’s all for this week, so I’ll leave you with this question: What genre would you love to see get a new IP?

Gavin Bouchard is a Twitch streamer and a Contributor for; you can find his Twitch here and his terrible Twitter here.

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