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New Releases: The Brave And The Bold

Gavin here again with the new releases for the week of March 27th. We’ve got lots to check out, so lets get started!

Let’s start with Forced Showdown, a roguelike RPG with a Diablo-style combat system that comes out for PC on March 29th. Fight your way through various arenas to progress and thrive. Take on challenging bosses and then die to start it all over again. If you’ve enjoyed the combat from Torchlight or Diablo, this is a game you shouldn’t ignore! I’ve attached a trailer below for your convenience.

Next up is Chronos, releasing March 28th for PC. Chronos is an action RPG set in a labyrinth where your hero must fight to survive. The catch is that death is merely a setback — you’ll return again and again but each death will cost you a year of your life. Succeed in your quest, or die trying. Ironically this is probably the first game I’ve heard of where dying of old age is a hazard. The age mechanic seems interesting and the combat seems to border on Dark Souls territory; if this sounds like your thing, give the trailer below a look.

Finally, we have RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Releasing March 30th for PC, this entry into a storied franchise is bringing back all of the park buildings you love and adding a multiplayer co-op component where you can build with up to four players to see who can massacre entertain the most customers. If you’ve enjoyed previous entries in the franchise or feel like trying something new with your friends, this just might be the game for you. As always you’ll find a trailer below.

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back with more next Monday! In the meantime tell me this: What dead multiplayer do you wish would make a comeback?

Gavin Bouchard is a Twitch streamer and a Contributor for; you can find his Twitch here and his terrible Twitter here.

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