New Releases: It’s About (Bullet) Time

Hey there guys! Gavin here again with the new releases for the week of April 3rd. This week we’ve got games that are everything from goofy to gritty, so let’s get started!

While hardly what I expected to see when looking for games to cover this week, I was very curious to find Enter the Gungeon, a strange combination of Borderlands’ gun fetish, Diablo’s dungeon crawling, and The Binding Of Isaac’s pixelated art style. It’s only around the corner to boot, releasing on April 5th for PC and PS4, so I was slightly shocked that I hadn’t heard of it yet. The story seems a little ridiculous but frankly this kinda of game is clearly all about the gameplay, which the game seems to have in spades. I’ll throw a trailer below so you can see if its odd inspirations have got you as curious as I am.

Next up we’ve got Quantum Break, a game that claims your choices will drastically change the story. Releasing on April 5th for Xbox One and PC, the game features a time control and manipulation mechanic, something akin to the Butterfly Effect I’d imagine. The twist is that the game features a tie in TV show that will react and morph based on player choice. If you’re looking for something of a spiritual successor to the choice system in Mass Effect this might just be something worth your time. I’ve attached a trailer for your convenience.

Lastly we’ve got 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, a game coming out on April 5th (what is it with that day?) for PC, Android and Mac. It’s a game with a branching narrative where you take on the role of an aspiring photojournalist, and are forced to make important choices in order to survive a bloody revolution in Iran. Its darker, more mature tone might be just what you’re looking for, and its choice based gameplay might be a good fit for fans of TellTale’s episodic games. Give it a look below.

Well that’s it for this week, I’ll be bringing you more gaming goodness next week but until then: What’s your most played game and why?

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