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New Releases – Week of June 8th!

Hello and welcome back to another glorious edition of “Games you should play, or eat a stick of butter”. Written by yours truly, Orion.

This week, we have some wild ones. Some games that will literally make you question why the universe itself exists! So brace yourselves and buckle in! Here are the new releases this week.

Starting with Duck Game, this game is nothing but a pure work of art. I’d go as far to say it’s the best damn duck simulator on the market today. Allow me to tell you why.


Back in August of 2014 TheBreakfast and I were at one of  PAX Prime’s side events, “Indies Need Booze”. And here on the big screen in the basement of a fancy bar was Duck Game. Now let me tell you this, with every fabric of my being… I love this game. Tell me who doesn’t want a game with 2-4 local/online multiplayer capabilities? Who doesn’t like irresponsible duck-on-duck gun violence? WHO doesn’t love battling their friends? Legit, if you love beat-’em-up, shoot-them-to-infinity, and make-fun-of-them-because-you’re-better-than-they-are games, THIS game is for you.

Those who know me, know I am in no way a fan of horror games at all. That aside, I do believe I’ve just found one that has piqued my interest enough to risk a few sleepless nights for.


What is that game? Well friends, I invite you to come check out Kholat: a horror story narrated by none other than Sean Bean.  You get thrown into the scenery of the Ural mountains with one task, find out what really happened. In the course of events to come, the player will only come across more speculations… as expected.

Take out your FXR jackets and prepare your white Oakleys, because this one is about to overload your systems. We have every grown Transconan’s dream coming in game form, Monster Jam Battlegrounds and holy shit does this game pack a punch.


Monster Jam Battlegrounds brings the most popular monster truck event to the comfort of your home. Fans will be losing their metaphorical and literal shit over the roaring engines and crushing, adrenaline-pumping action. This game not only takes you to arenas and stadiums, it will also bring players to new environments for physics-based stunt and skill challenges. Duke it out with 23 official trucks, 45 addictive tracks and to top it all off, THE ALL NEW STUNT MODE WITH SICK JUMPS.

If you body ain’t ready for this, I highly recommend you go reinstall Dota 2 and get good at games. GG

So until next when I find more games, dank memes and a reason to reinstall Dota 2.

Orion, out.

Orion, Content Editor and self-proclaimed Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, buttons, and fresh bread.

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