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New Challenger Approaches!


The Street Fighter 5 roster has always felt like it was missing something since its release earlier this year. Many fans have been requesting that Capcom let the demon come out and play. Well fans, your demonic prayers have been answered.

Yes, Akuma was more than teased at this weekend’s Capcom Pro Tour North American finals in Seattle. According to the teaser, Akuma will be playable at this year’s PlayStation Experience, which takes place Dec. 3-4 in Anaheim, California. He also appears to have the same appearance and demonic style as previous games so fans will not have to worry about their favorite fighter having a ridiculous new outfit or haircut… Ken.


Akuma will be the 7th addition in DLC characters and an absolute must for fans of Street Fighter 5. We can also look forward to his appearance in the upcoming Tekken 7 for PS4 and Xbox 1 sometime in Q1 2017.

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