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Farming Simulator 17 Announced — AYBOnline Now Hiring New Managing Editor

Sorry, folks. I’m out.


As AYB’s ranking Farming Simulator expert (seriously, bow to your agricultural god, heathens), it falls to me to inform you that per a press release, Swiss developer Giants Software and publisher Focus Home Interactive are once again partnering to bring you the latest in the premier fire-up-a-classic-rock-playlist-and-zone-out-from-everything-ever series, Farming Simulator 17. 

Now, I could tell you about the pristine sky graphics in the Farming Simulator series. The challenging economic simulation that requires as much mental energy as patience to get the most out of your ever-expanding fields. The ability to turn the whole thing into GTA Small European Village if you want to. And then I could go back to my humdrum life of cleaning up press releases, playing the latest precious indie roguelike VR action MOBA brawler, and going pleasantly to pieces.

But as a gamer — as a thinking, feeling human — I have a new calling.

I must farm. And that means I must leave you.

E-mail with your applications for the Managing Editor position by April 1st of this year. As Farming Simulator 17 is set to come out “at the end of 2016” with a simultaneous PC and console release (!), this should allow ample time for applicants to complete the extensive hiring process, which will include interviews, portfolio submissions, trial-by-Dave’s-lightsabers, and the most skill-testing questions about hyphens and punctuation you’ve ever seen.

I’ll leave you to it. I trust you. Now if you’ll pardon me, I need to get this canola grown and before the shipping company stops giving me a good price on it.

Jesse Mackenzie is the Managing Farmer for He can be reached at, as long as the fields don’t need tendin’. His opinion is his own. 

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