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Name Change or Not, Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Looks Amazing

Backed by over 11,000 people on Kickstarter, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem was once known as Umbra. But a change of name does not change how good this game looks.


Based in the Cryengine, Wolcen: LoM  is a gorgeous open-world hack-‘n’-slash where the player can decide what kind of warrior they want to be.

Players can use interactive elements in the environment to get things done like dousing fire with water, or using water to boost electrical attacks, or even just breaking stuff with sheer strength in the destructive environments. Check the teaser trailer below:

Even though it’s an Early Access title, players will still have a massive amount to explore in the single-player experience for now. Wolcen Studio already has a lot of big plans for the game in its full release, which include player housing, weapon crafting mini-games, and even a co-op mode.

Plus, players will gain access to their own “Apocalyptic Form”, which will allow them to evolve and change their abilities and appearance based on their play style.

Wolcen_Lords of Mayhem_dungeon

Wolcen_Lords of Mayhem_cave

Wolcen_Lords of Mayhem_Amarth

Wolcen:Lords of Mayhem will be available in Early Access on Steam starting March 24, 2016.

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