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Music Break: Strike The Earth! Plains of Passage (Shovel Knight OST)

Shovel Knight

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey, all! This piece comes to us courtesy of another new contributor, Andrew Borton! Let’s give him a warm AYB welcome, before I inevitably crush his soul with news assignments while I chomp on my cigar all jaded-like. — JM

It pleases me to no end to be writing about this theme. Strike the Earth from the Shovel Knight OST is by far my favorite song in the game and absolutely one of my favorite video game songs of all time.

You know a song is good when you can recognize what it is within the first two seconds of it playing!

There is no slow build up, you are thrown into this high-energy tune from the get-go. Even though the level it’s featured in is not quite as frantic, it fits oh-so-well. You are going on a journey to save Shield Knight, and this song makes it clear.

I’ve never started up a game and felt more unstoppable as I listened. So in that sense maybe it is a perfect choice for the opening level. After all you are Shovel Knight and you plow through the enemies at this point!

The feeling I get when playing through the game a second, third, or fourth time and hearing this song is not of annoyance but heart-warming familiarity.

Though the OST for Shovel Knight clearly brings back memories of playing games like Mega Man and DuckTales, it more than stands on its own as an instant classic churned out by Jake Kaufman.

The lands were untamed and so was this song.

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