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Multiplayer madness! Ten Games $3!


bundlestars2So you have a free weekend and want to do some mass gaming, you’re looking for something new to play this weekend, but don’t have the funds for GTA V? Don’t worry we here at AYB have you covered.

Check out this amazing bundle by BundleStars, it features some great multiplayer team game action with titles such as Guns of Icarus and Dino D-day (My Personal Favorite) The best thing about this bundle is it’s only $2.99! That’s over $100 in savings.

So if you were looking to having a weekend of accomplishing the following:

  • Defeating Nazi Dinosaurs
  • Blowing up massive airships
  • Solving a murder

You’re basically set, here’s to a great weekend of gaming!
Speaking of which, What are you playing this weekend? Are you going to join in some Guns of Icarus? Slaying Nazi Dinosaurs? or are you going to join us online in GTA V? Let us know below in the comments. Until then we’ll see you online!

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