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MSI Launches New “MSI Rewards” Program

MSI is introducing a community-focused MSI Rewards Program. You can collect points by registering your products, helping others, or creating relevant content, and work your ways towards rewards like game codes, headphones, or even video cards and laptops!

Caveat: the MSI Rewards system works only in the English forums as of right now. Full details from MSI after the jump.

The three steps to start earning rewards

Step 1. Log in

Step 2. Post original content and/or help others

Step 3.Choose your reward

How to earn points

Register Gaming Products
MSI Gaming products will be rewarded with 50 points.
Please go to MSI Registration Center to register your product.
Register Other Products
Other MSI products will be rewarded with 25 points.
Please go to MSI Registration Center to register your product.
MSI Unboxing
Write or film an unboxing article featuring an MSI product.
PC Game Article
Write an article on a hot game and how it runs on your MSI system. In-game videos with commentary are also encouraged, as are settings guides.
Tech Support – Gaming Products
Provide support to other users with MSI Gaming products. Only the best solution in each thread is eligible for points.
Quick Links to: MSI English Forum
Tech Support – Other Products
Provide support to other users with non-Gaming MSI products. Only the best solution in each thread is eligible for points.
Quick Links to: MSI English Forum
Decide A Best Solution
After you create a technical question, you can choose from a number of the recommendations in a reply to a “Best Solution”.
Quick Links to: MSI English Forum

Forum Level Definition

More posts can level up your forum rank and each level up can earn extra points, please refer to the table.

As to the forum members who registered before 2015, MSI will give you the exact level position according to your amount of posts and 100 points to show our gratitude for your long-term support.

TitlePosts / RepliesPoints
General of the Army8001 up10
General5001 ~ 800010
Lieutenant General4001 ~ 500010
Major General3001 ~ 400010
Colonel2501 ~ 300010
Lieutenant Colonel1501 ~ 25005
Major751 ~ 15005
Captain501 ~ 7503
First Lieutenant251 ~ 5003
Second Lieutenant101 ~ 2503
Staff Sergeant51 ~ 1001
Sergeant21 ~ 501
Corporal11 ~ 201
Private First Class6 ~ 101
Private E-21 ~ 51
Private E-10

Current Rewards

GAMING Notebook GE62





300 points

The Elder Scrolls


Terms and conditions

  1. The rewards offered under this Program are provided “as is” without any sort of warranty, unless otherwise specified in an announcement on this forum. Notwithstanding, motherboards and VGA cards are provided with MSI standard warranty.
  2. Participants being found or reported to intentionally manipulate, affect the result of points reward under this Program by using malicious software or through any fraudulent means will be subject to membership suspension/termination and all points awarded will be cancelled immediately.
  3. MSI’s staffs and volunteer moderators in the forum are not allowed to participate in this program to avoid unfair and abuse of this award activities.
  4. Points earned and allocated to an account shall not in any circumstances be transferred between accounts. It is strictly prohibited to transfer, sell or attempt to transfer points between two or more accounts in any way. Any transfer or attempt to transfer being found will result in cancellation of your membership.
  5. Information provided for redemption of reward shall be complete and accurate. MSI will not be responsible for failure to deliver the reward to you due to incomplete or unrecognizable information provided by you.
  6. Reward image is for reference only. The actual item may differ from the image shown on the website. Rewards redeemed under this Program may not be transferred, assigned or transacted for any sum of money or monetary value. MSI reserves the right to provide alternate reward item of equivalent value in the event the original reward is unavailable for whatsoever reason.
  7. MSI reserves the right to cancel reward redemption eligibility if participant violates or breaches any of the terms and conditions of this Program.
  8. The dates and timeline set forth under this Program is an estimated schedule only. MSI reserves the right to adjust the content and schedule of the Program in its sole discretion.
  9. Any questions please contact our service line 0800-018-880. Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00
  10. By accessing and logging in this website, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Program. MSI reserves the right to approve, modify, revise or cancel the contents of this Program at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you.


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