Metal: Hellsinger – Finally a Heavy Metal Rhythm Shooter

Yesterday was the start of IGN’s Summer of Gaming 2020 with tons of exciting reveals. One that caught my eye, and has taken the internet by storm with its truly unique nature, is a heavy metal rhythm shooter.

While information and release info is limited for now, you can watch on loop (as I did) the official trailer.

It’s treated us to some truly gruesome but captivating gameplay showing off slaying demons to the beat.

Metal: Hellsinger will feature some truly talented musicians in the music space, including vocal performances by Matt Heafy of Trivium, Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquility, BjörnStird of Soilwork, Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy, and more.

To stay up to date with everything Metal: Hellsinger, be sure to follow their official Twitter account.

Steve Orillion is a contributing editor for He follows the happenings in the Esports and Tech world.

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