News Helps Present BaseLAN 29 This Fall.


Despite Asus being the main presenting sponsor of BaseLAN and AYBOnline for quite a few years (and they are definitely still with us), another company has stepped up to take the challenge. Many of you already know who Memory Express is, one of the larger online and brick & mortar computer stores in Canada, and with a store located here in Winnipeg that opened up a few years ago, they have been an amazing addition to our sponsor list. Although negotiations are still ongoing, it appears that Memex will be donating close to $5000 in store credit to the winners of one of three headliner events at BaseLAN.

As usual, winners of our events must make sure they are ‘following’ our sponsors on social media in order to claim their prize, to save time, please follow them HERE.

Memory Express (Memex), will be have a booth at BaseLAN/C4 this fall and will be showing off some amazing gaming rigs they’ve designed plus giving away Thousands of dollars in prizes directly from their own booth for coming to check them out.

About Memory Express

Since 1996, memoryexpress has established a leadership position as the premier destination for computer products and services. Starting from a humble beginning, we have grown into a multi-million dollar company with many retail locations across Canada. Our success is a result of all the people who walk through our doors each and every day – our customers, our staff, and our vendor partners. Our customer base has grown exponentially from year to year through referrals and word of mouth. During this time, we have also achieved premier partnership levels with key vendors such as Microsoft, Intel, and AMD.

Our vision is to be the greatest computer and electronics company; great to buy from, great to work for, and great to do business with.

Our mission is to “create customers for life”. With this in mind, we are dedicated to providing our customers with more value than our competitors in terms of service, selection, and savings. We invest in our staff and provide a positive and pleasant working environment. We cannot deliver the exceptional standard of customer service without a committed and dedicated team. Our customers are our most important asset, without them we would not have a successful business. We value integrity and trust, reliability, results, and responsiveness.

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