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LoL Worlds Implications – Outplay Podcast

Outplay Podcast splash screen

The Outplay Podcast is where Jonny eSports (reSports/Into The League) and Globas (Lineage eSports) discuss the NA and EU League of Legends Championship Series.

This week they talk about NA & EU LCS Quarter-Finals and the Worlds Implications of the coming Semi-Final matchups.

Tune in live on at 7:30 PM Central on Wednesdays!

Jonny eSports is the host of the reSports Radio Show, which records live on Facebook on Sunday evenings and recordings can be found here on You can follow him on Twitter @reSports

Globas is the founder of Lineage eSports and writes League of Legends articles for AYBOnline. You can follow him on Twitter @LoLGlobas

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