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Live Update #6 — Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Deep in the depths of the back room, one of the most beloved and cherished tournament games here at BaseLAN is live right now. What started as a 32-player free-for-all match up has already split into two brackets, mostly due to people throwing non-stop cars. Now that we have set games at 20 minute sessions we should see no more shenanigans as this tournament commences.

Needless to say these competitors are of the rowdier of the group today, with their excessive vocalization and distaste when they get no-scoped, or destroyed by a flying toilet courtesy of the Gravity Gun.

We should see first bracket to determine spots, second to determine bracket and lastly the finals for prizing.

We’ll be sure to let you know the result of the first round and who moves on!

Until then, Orion out.

Orion, AYB Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, he has a high gluten tolerance and enjoys a firm handshake. Trust us when we say his opinions are his own.

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