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Life is Feudal: Your Own — Official launch

Life is Feudal: Your Own comes blasting out of Early Access with some unreal features. Whether you’re into creating beautiful cities, harvesting fields or revelling in the the spoils of war, the possibilities are endless as you choose your own path in this massive Medieval sandbox.


One of the biggest takeaways and key features announced with the official launch that have me personally excited is the maps. Honestly this is mind numbing. The developer said that they 9km^2, which is absolutely huge. These large terrains allow up to 64 players to have the room to create, while also being cramped enough to also attack others. Different servers allow you to really control the playing field. This is absolutely insane when you try to put that in mind.


Bitbox Ltd, the developers of the game, said that Life is Feudal will allow its players to set out on their own path, so character progression will bring a fluid progression for your character and stats, which in turn allows you to create the character you want based around your play style with “Class Free” character progression.

Similar to other games in the sandbox genre, you’ll have the ability to terraform the world around you to suit your needs with nearly limitless freedom. While you’re at it you can also utilize the modular building tool to create endless possibilities to help you create your ideal villages, cities and fortresses.

Of course, what good is a sandbox without a crafting system? Don’t fret, Bitbox has you covered, as you’ll be able to craft hundreds of items, including weapons and clothing to help you survive and thrive in the world around you. More likely than not, you’ll need the help of these things to repel the attacks of other players. Those tools of war will also come in handy for when you band up with friends to form an alliance to conquer the lands.
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If that doesn’t have you excited and ready to go, the physics-based combat system is all based on mouse and character movement to give the player a more genuine combat experience.

So without further ado, join me in excitement with the official launch trailer! You can find Life is Feudal: Your Own on Steam

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