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Kingdom Hearts Goes Off The Chain in Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X


Starting April 7th, fans of the Kingdom Hearts series will finally have some new content to get their hands on after years of remasters and collectors editions.

The newest addition to the lineup is Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X for iOS and Android. The new title will take players to the very beginning of this intricately woven story line.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will allow players to create their own keyblade wielder and explore the gorgeously animated world of Disney. The series takes on a new 2.5D perspective, which will work better for mobile devices and will have players in combat to unlock the early secrets and even a few clues as to what lies ahead for Kingdom Hearts 3.


The new game will also lead directly into the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue, which will include a side-story of Unchained X named Unchained X – Back Cover, as well as a remaster of Dream Drop Distance and Birth By Sleep 0.2 – A Fragmentary Passage.

Confusing titles aside, this new game looks to breathe some new life into the series which has been long overdue for new content and is looking to be a solid entry into the series. At least it will be enough of a distraction until Kingdom Hearts 3 officially launches.Boss


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is set for release April 7th for iOS and Android platforms. Correct — that’s tomorrow!

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