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JustSaiyan Gear Launches New Line Of Compression Shorts, Feels Like Warriors

Are you into boxing? MMA? Fitness? Or perhaps you are a fighter from an intense anime? Whatever the case, JustSaiyan Gear has got the thing for you! They have just launched a new line of compression shorts, available from their online store, that promise a whole new level comfort and flexibility.


As you may know, we here at are huge fans of JustSaiyan GearTheir clothing is incredibly cool-looking and very comfortable. They produce clothing modeled after several different shows, including Dragonball Z, Naruto, and Digimon, among others.


Look at how stylish our team looks!


I really like the anime-accurate design for their clothing. Their work evokes the characters and outfits they are based on quite well, down to the shading and linework each series is known for. You can see the difference in styles between the Dragonball Z items versus the Fullmetal Alchemist clothing, for example.

But don’t take my work for it. Take a look at their stuff! These new shorts and the rest of their gear can only be found at JustSaiyan Gear’s website! If you like their stuff, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well.

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