John Gallagher – Artist Extraordinaire – Dragon Age, STKOTOR, Baldurs Gate @ BaseLAN 29.


Folks, have we got something special in store for you. John Gallagher, concept artist and illustrator from such video games as Dragon Age and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, has made a special donation reserved for the winner of the Best Appearance Award in the 2015 Twin Eagles Tournament.

Working with John, the winner will be able to submit pictures of one character from their army (including a background of choice) that will be developed into a full fledged high resolution digital print.

Check out the attached pictures to have your mind blown by his digital masterpieces. Then imagine what it would feel like to have your Warlord stand amongst the rest of his works, immortalized forever! (Or at least until Skynet takes over)

John Gallagher:
I started working as a professional artist in 1996 at Bioware, a videogame development studio in Edmonton, working as Director of Concept Art for eight years honing my craft. I’ve been working as a production illustrator for the last six years in Vancouver on such series as Defying Gravity, V, Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies and now The Flash, debuting in October 2014 and have been a guest artist at several comic conventions and enjoyed the hell out of all of it. Always looking to meet other artists with great passion for the work and collaborations, share stories, swap tips and talk shop, new projects and networking with the great talent here on Deviantart

John’s work can be found here: He works on commission contracts and if you’d like to commission him to do some work for you, he is reasonably priced, simply reach out to him with your ideas.



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