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It’s Time To Play Good Cop Bad Cop In Beat Cop


New York City. It’s a hell of a place. Even the best brass in the city feels the heat from time to time. With The Mafia calling for your head, your boss breathing down your neck, and your wife squeezing you for every dollar you make, it’s a wonder how you keep it together. But you’re too busy to think about that stuff right now because you’ve got tickets to write. That’s the life of the Beat Cop.

Beat Cop, by Pixel Crow &  published by 11 bit studios, wants to bring players into the shoes of the everyday life on the lowest rung of the force.  You will play as Jack Kelly, a former detective who has been framed for murder and now you must find the truth while dealing with all the baggage that comes with being a suspected criminal. The entire game is presented in a top down retro pixel art style which really captures the look and feel of the 80’s.


Beat Cop will present a non linear story line with branching story arcs to put you in control of your own story. Pixel Crow is looking to include multiple endings that will be based on the clues you find and the decisions you make. Pixel wants to create a world that will be filled with colorful characters and thousands of things to explore and laugh at even if it seems a little inappropriate. Whether you want to play it clean or go Dirty Harry on everyone, Pixel wants you to call the shots, or at least as many as you can as a Beat Cop.


Beat Cop is set to hit the streets in Q4 of 2016. You can pre order now and check out more info at their website.

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