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It’s Time To Duel with Project Field


It has been almost 10 years since Sony attempted to change how kids play card games with the introduction of Eye of Judgement. The game was stylish and fun, but best of all it worked well. The only problem was the code reader was visual based and could easily be duped with fake printed materials. But Sony hopes their new project will add playability while protecting their product at the same time.


Their new project known as Project Field, uses a specially developed Sony pad with smartphones or tablets. It’s packed with an IC reader, multiple sensors, LEDs, and Bluetooth so that players can hook up and play any Project Field available games.


Players will be able to place, move, and remove their cards on the Project Field pad and the pad will read their actions in real time to affect the gameplay.  IC reader technology has been around for a while now, but Sony thinks adding the ability to link smartphones and tablets will make this the ultimate duo for interactive card based games. Apparently Sony’s first Project Field game will be based on the wildly popular Yo-kai Watch series, but no release date has been set yet, but I am eagerly waiting to see if we finally get Eye of Judgement 2.


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