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It’s Gonna Be You And Me, Dota 2 Player, You And Me Forever

Rick and Morty Dota 2 Announcer Pack


Rick and Morty Dota 2 Announcer Pack

Okay, so you, you mighta heard that we’re g-gonna (urrrp) be the new Dota 2 announcers.

Oh, man, Rick, I don’t know. Those MOBA games are toxic. W-W-What if they hate us?

It’s gonna be okay, Morty. I got a plan.

(swigs from bottle)

Uh… Rick?

(continues drinking)

(urrrp) Okay, Morty, here, here’s the plan. This gonna be good, Morty. This is gonna be GREAT. This’ll make us rich. And then you can get that girl in your math class you like.


Sure, whatever her name is.

But she doesn’t even know I exist! Hoohhhh… I don’t know about this…

It’s okay, Morty, because here’s the plan… we’re gonna charge $7.99 USD for them to use our voices as announcers!

S-S-So that means…

That, that means only the ones who LIKE us are going to LISTEN to us! (drinks from bottle)

But Rick…

(continues drinking)

Rick? What if no-one likes us?

C’mon, Morty! You gotta stand up for yourself! Stand up for what’s right, Morty. It’s a mess out there, Morty. It’s a real mess of a world, of all the worlds, Morty, and the only way you’re gonna (urrp) make a good life for yourself is if you seize the opportunities that come to you!

… Yeah, Rick! Yeah! I see it now! We sell our voices, make money, and then m-m-maybe Jessica will notice me! L-Let’s go! 

I’m proud of you, Morty. Real proud.

H/t to PC Gamer.

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