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Introducing Player’s Guide

Hello AYBOnline readers!

My name is Jackson. I am one of the hosts of the Player’s Guide Podcast, a podcast which has been added to the roster here at AYB.


I am very excited to have the chance to share our content with you. Every two weeks, myself and my co-host Dan sit down to discuss storytelling in media. We started with games, but have since branched off into movies, television, books, and more.

We have an extensive list of episodes, a daunting number you might say. Luckily, the first episode we’re sharing with you here is a long-form introduction to us and what we do. The episode also includes a bit of a highlight reel, so any newcomers can figure out where they want to start.

Here is this week’s episode:


I hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you again soon.

Thanks for listening!

Jackson is a host of the Player’s Guide Podcast and a contributer to

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