Interview With NoScope Glasses

What’s one of the major problems gamers face? Straining and eye fatigue, and it’s a growing epidemic that won’t be going anywhere soon.

But what can you do to help combat eye strain and fatigue? Well, NoScope Glasses is here to let you in on not only the protection your eyes deserve but the science that does it.

We gamers are so dedicated to the art of eSports, sometimes pushing ourselves too hard with gaming and training. Thankfully there is protection for that! Earlier this week, I was given the opportunity to talk to Brandon Anderson of NoScope Glasses to let me know more about this revolutionary product and what it’s going to do for gamers everywhere.

Orion: Tell us about your company, and this product Noscope Glasses! Firstly, what are they and where are you based out of?

Brandon: NoScope was formed as a direct response to a visible gap in the current market for gaming glasses. We noticed that while there is a high demand for gaming glasses, it seemed that very few people actually owned them due to their high cost and low number of available options. We decided to establish ourselves as a company committed to offering functional, affordable and quality items. We are based out of Cary, NC.

Orion: That’s pretty amazing! Now given your commitment to gamers, what technology did you use to take these glasses to the next level? How exactly do they work?

Brandon: Well, our glasses are designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue during extended gaming sessions by filtering out harsh blue light emitted from digital displays. For further information about our products and the technology behind them, check out our Tech FAQ page here:


Orion: Now, I need to know – can you give us a rundown of your current product lineup? What’s going to have gamers excited?

Brandon: Our current catalog features a myriad of models to appeal to any gamer. Our ‘Gemini’ model is a low-profile, professional style design that will fit in with any environment. ‘Golem’ is a very specific design that can fit comfortably on top of most prescription frames, allowing an affordable answer to eye strain for prescription lens users. The ‘Minotaur’ is a simple and rugged design, lightweight yet resistant to the wear and tear of daily usage. Last, we offer our ‘Wraith’ model: our sleekest and most aggressive design available made for competitive gamers.


Orion: Wow, literally something that suits everyone. So what’s the price point? How does it compare to the competition?

Brandon: We are proud to offer the highest quality products for the lowest price on the market. None of our models are higher than $29.99, while our competitors’ offerings start much higher and reach well over the triple digits. All of our fans and customers will tell you how our products are as effective as they are affordable, and you can get a variety of our designs and accessories for the cost of one of our competition’s products.

Orion: Really all I’m left with saying is “wow” and how excited I am about finding out about this product and the immense value, Brandon. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your time. I know I am excited to find about NoScope Glasses and I sure the fans will be as well. In closing, where can we find you guys online? And is there anything else you would like to share?

Brandon: To answer this last question, we can be found at, and we can be contacted at any time at We also have an great and active community of fans and sponsored gamers on our social media, so be sure to check out and We’re proud to offer our products to the gaming community and to be a part of this incredible industry. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share this info!

Disclosure: NoScope Glasses is a sponsor of

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