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Interview with Koriel from White Lotus Interactive on Xing: The Land Beyond

I’ve been a fan of XING since PAX 2014. Koriel, the lead artist of White Lotus Interactive, was signing posters for people in a gold paint pen, in the fictional language of the game’s universe. Most people were getting their own names written on the posters, but I purchased two¬†posters, and asked Koriel to sign the first in the game’s language with the developers’ names, and the second I asked them to literally sign the poster with their signatures. All three team members seemed a little taken aback by this, and they asked me if they could take a picture of the poster after they finished signing it. I’ve had the posters hanging on my wall ever since.

Before PAX Prime 2015, I made sure to share this story with the team, and I sent them a picture of the posters in my living room. They were super happy to hear this story, and we set up an interview. It was definitely an awesome experience talking with Koriel about their game, and I’m looking forward to seeing more in spring 2016, when the game is expected to launch. Check out the interview below:

You can check out Xing: The Land Beyond, and learn a bit more about the White Lotus Interactive team, at and

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