Interview with E McNeill on Darknet and Tactera – PAX Prime 2015

For those of you who follow my posts, and talk to me in the demo area, you’ll know that I’m nothing short of a VR junky – an evangelist even. One of my first experiences with the Oculus Rift was at PAX Prime 2014, with a game called Darknet. This year, I had the chance to sit down with E McNeill, developer of Darknet, in the back service areas of the convention center to get away from all of the noise of the Indie Megabooth and other huge booths on the main show floor (had to go with guerrilla style reporting at this PAX).

We had the chance to talk about Darknet, the Mobile VR Jam and his new game, Tactera. I also learned what the E stands for, but I’ll never tell! Check out the interview below:

You can check out Darknet, Tactera, and E McNeill’s other projects on his website at

As always, thanks for watching, and thanks for reading.

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