Interview with Bodie from Lunar Ray Games on Timespinner

This one is kind of a funny story. Bodie Lee from Lunar Ray Games was my first interview at PAX. He was also my fourth interview. You see, the first time I tried to interview him, the sheer awesomeness of the sound in the Indie Megabooth obliterated my audio filtering software, and destroyed the interview almost completely. On top of that, a young kid dressed as The Joker jumped in front of the camera twice during the interview. These are the fun challenges you have to deal with in guerrilla reporting. With these lessons learned, I conducted the the next two interviews in quiet halls, but then as luck would have it, Fred Schreiber of 3D Realms lead me to the service areas (hence why most of my interviews have been in maintenance tunnels) where we could escape the noise for a proper interview, and this set the stage for my interview with Lunar Ray Games, on Timespinner.

You know the story about the sandwich that saved my life in the PAX Day 2 summary (which you can read here). Well, the botched interview I mentioned, the one that made me want to quit, was my first interview with Bodie Lee. However, I sucked it up (by which I mean I fed my emotions with a glorious Reuben sandwich), and decided I’d ask Bodie for a second chance, and being the total bro that he is, he gave me a second chance. If you’re reading this Bodie, thank you for being an awesome interviewee.

Now, Timespinner was one of the games I was most excited about in the Indie Megabooth / Minibooth lineup this year. I am a huge Mega Man X fan (Megaman X4 is my personal fave, and all through editing this video I had Web Spider’s theme stuck in my head). When I saw the trailer for this game on the Indie Megabooth webpage, I knew immediately that I had to email Lunar Ray Games for an interview.

Imagine mixing Chrono Trigger, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Braid, Megaman X, and Super Metroid, and you can start to imagine what Timespinner is like. Enjoy the interview, and make sure to check out Timespinner on Steam!

You can check out Timespinner, and learn a bit more about the Lunar Ray Games team, at and

As always, thanks for watching, and thanks for reading.

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