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International 2016 Winners and Final Thoughts


On Sunday, August 13th the International came to a close with the 3:1 victory by Wings Gaming over Digital chaos. This International broke last year’s record of 18.4 million by an extra 2.3 million. This year was a big change with valve distributing more money to the lower placed teams realizing that an extra couple thousand dollars makes a much bigger difference to last place than first place. Here is a complete list of where every team placed.

First place – Wings Gaming

Second place – Digital chaos

Third place – Evil Geniuses

Fourth place – Fnatic

Fifth and sixth – Ehome and MVP Phoenix

Seventh and eighth – TNC Gaming and Team Liquid

Ninth to twelfth – OG, LGD Gaming, Alliance and Newbee

Thirteenth to Sixteenth – Vici Gaming Reborn, Team Secret, Escape Gaming and Natus Vincere

With the end of the International, the upcoming patch on August 23rd will bring huge balance changes. With the mostly small balance changes made between 6.87 and 6.88 based around nerfing pushing heroes that made the 2 patches almost blend together I’m ready for something big. My ideal changes would be around raising the value of taking towers and barracks and shortening game time. I would love to see the return of my personal favorite play style, Rat Dota focused on stalling fights and taking objectives. Only time will tell with just  over a week until the introduction of Underlord.

Patrick Algeo is a Legion Commander jungler and writer for All Your Base Online.

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