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ID Software Veterans Want You To Explore Blackroom

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In the future, the Hoxar corporation has invented the latest and greatest technology that allows people to be anywhere at any time with their new invention known as Blackroom.  This technology is an interactive hologram room that allows people to experience anything they want at any time from vacations, to board meetings, and even real life video games. The only problem is there appears to be a glitch in the system. The program is crossing over with reality and it must be stopped before things get out of hand. Get ready to enter Blackroom.


Blackroom  has an amazing pedigree working on it that includes legendary game developers Adrian Carmack and John Romero of ID Software; creators of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake series. Blackroom will be a return to the fast and visceral shooters of the 90’s the developer has shared a focus on speed, weapon based combat, and environmental exploration. Game play will also include fast and deadly enemies that will use swift movement and strafing maneuvers to flank and destroy their target.

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Single player will focus on Santiago Sonora who is sent to investigate the strange anomalies in the program. The campaign will take you through many different levels and set pieces including ancient castles, western towns, and even pirate ships. The developer has shared that the game will also include many different modes of multiplayer including everything from 1 v 1 to giant death match battles on six pre-built levels. The game will also have full modding support for the community allowing for an almost infinite amount of customization and playability.

Blackroom is currently in development and you can go check out more info and support this project by visiting their page on Kickstarter.

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