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I Am Setsuna Looks To Send Players Back To Their RPG Roots

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When you mention the words Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger in the same sentence, RPG fans will instantly drop everything to listen in to what comes next. That’s exactly what happened when Square Enix’s sub studio Tokyo RPG Factory released more information on their new game I Am Setsuna.


I Am Setsuna looks to take players back to the golden era of the RPG where the games were story driven and the combat was unique with great flow.

Tokyo RPG Factory says they took a lot of inspiration from the classic Chrono Trigger to design their combat and gameplay. From encounters that happen right on the map to using combo attacks between team members, it looks like they have nailed down the classic look and feel for the game.


Though not much has been revealed about the story, we do know it revolves around a female protagonist willing to sacrifice herself to save her people from a monster invasion, which just happens to be very reminiscent of the story in Final Fantasy X.

Tokyo RPG Factory is aiming to deliver a deep story driven narrative with great character development similar to the classic RPGs of the 90s.


I Am Setsuna is set for a western digital release this summer on both PS4 and Steam. No official trailer has been released yet, but please enjoy this gameplay footage from 2015 GDC while we eagerly await its arrival!

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