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Hyper Awesome Entertainment Announces Dungeon Punks

What’s better than taking control of an adventurer to delve deep into the darkest dungeons, hunt for treasure, and fight for fortune? Taking control of two adventurers!

Dungeon Punks — a new game from Hyper Awesome Entertainment LLC — says they will have just that. It seems reminiscent of the old Dungeons & Dragons arcade. It’s a side-scrolling brawler with RPG elements with a twist: each player controls two heroes at a time. Hyper has announced six heroes total and up to three people can play. You can play couch co-op or with computer-controlled teammates.

The heroes will have special moves specific to their class, and a tag-team system, which works similar to X-Men vs. Street Fighter, allows for devastating combos.

According to Hyper Awesome Entertainment’s co-founder and developer Dan Goldstein, it’s the tag-team action that really sets Dungeon Punks apart, .

Dungeon Punks combines our favorite ideas from old-school brawlers, RPGs and fighting games to mash-up the intense tactical play you can get from a great fighter with the joy of trouncing tons of bad guys with devastating magic from RPGs,” says Goldstein.


Like other RPG’s, Hyper says you’ll embark on quests, acquire weapons and magic and use mounts, traps, and power-ups to take on the baddies and the bosses.

Those attending PAX East in Boston this week can play Dungeon Punks at Booth #11233. It’s expected to be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this summer.

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