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Humble Nindie Bundle Now Live!

All I can say is “Its-a-me, Dealio!” in a Italian accent. And as horrible as it is reading that with Mario or Luigi’s voice in your head, what’s about to happen next will make up for it, I promise!


In all my years of gaming never did I expect to see such a thing so beautiful. I could literally do a Captain Toad Scream of excitement, it’s as if I found a coin.

Nintendo has teamed up with Humble Bundle to offer several of their games in a first-of-its-kind move. Of all the console manufacturers, they are the first to offer such a deal — and Wii U/3DS cross-platform to boot!

I mean what’s better than getting a massive amount of Nintendo indie games for a great price and helping out a charity? Literally nothing. Well, maybe a new F-Zero or Metroid… but we’ll leave that for E3 to tease us with once more.

Back on track: Nintendo and Humble Bundle are offering nine games, plus more to come. Currently, you snipe Guacamelee, Woah Dave! , Mighty Switch Force, Stealth Inc 2, SteamWorld Dig, The Fall, OlliOlli and Moon Chronicles.

As many of you already know, Nintendo has been a huge supporter of indie game development and promotion. This only solidifies that stance.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare thy wallet, get your PayPal ready, and support these fantastic indie games and Nintendo doing some good for the community!

Orion, AYB Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, he has a high gluten tolerance and enjoys a firm handshake. Trust us when we say his opinions are his own.

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