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Heroes of the Storm – Weekly Sale, Hero Rotation and Update on the Update about the Update!

Heroes Of The Storm

Lots and lots of stuff happening this week in the Nexus, friends! If you’re a fan of Heroes of the Storm like I am, you are probably on the edge of your seat waiting for the Eternal Conflict patch to drop. Well, wait no more: Blizzard dropped some big news in their blog last night and you’ll want to read about this!

The Eternal Conflict drops in hot June 30th, as we all know. However, before this big day arrives, Blizzard has opened PTR (Public Test Realm) in advance — starting today!

So what the heck is PTR and why should you care? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Heroes of the Storm

PTR is Blizzard’s way of saying “Hey, we have great new content coming out, and we want it to be the best — come test it early and report bugs!” Basically, a mini-beta test. They want to ensure that their latest content patch isnt litered with bugs and want to bring the best quality product to you, the fan.

So, that being said, allow me to be your guide and help you get your MOBA life together as you dive in right now and try out Eternal Conflict — as we speak, you can jump into PTR to check out the new map! All you have to do to try it out on PTR is this:

How to access PTR:

  • On your App, click Region/Account right above the big blue ‘play’ button.
  • Select “PTR: Heroes of the Storm”.
  • Allow it to run Install.


Pretty straightforward, now onto some side notes!

TODAY is the last day for the 100% XP Boost! So go log onto an Americas server, play quick match and watch that XP Double! Players reaching level 30 unlock Hero League, and level 40 unlock ranked team league!

Weekly Hero Rotation

It’s a Tuesday and we know what that means! It’s free hero rotation! This changes every Tuesday alongside the weekly sale. Players who have reached levels 12-15 unlock two bonus slots of heroes, which this week is Nazeebo and Illidan!

Here are the free heroes this week, as follows:

  • Anub’arak
  • E.T.C.
  • Li Li
  • Thrall
  • Zagara
  • Nazeebo (Slot unlocked at Player Level 12)
  • Illidan (Slot unlocked at Player Level 15)

Weekly Sale

New week, new sale. See anything you like, grab it now! This goes on ’til June 30th!

  • Arthas — $4.24 USD
  • Crown Prince Arthas Skin — $4.99 USD
  • High Templar Zeratul Skin — $2.49 USD

So until next week when we do our weekly Heroes round up, you can catch me on the Nexus!

Orion is AYB’s Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, buttons, and firm handshakes, his opinions are his own.

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