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Heroes of the Storm — Updates on the Update!


Firstly, we got some big news again from our friends at Blizzard! To celebrate the successful launch of Heroes of the Storm, they are awarding all players with an 100% XP boost event which starts today and goes all the way to the end of the month! Players who log in to the Americas regional server will be eligible for this.

XP is vastly important in the game, as it allows you to level your favorite heroes. You earn some XP by playing matches against A.I., and more XP for playing against opponents from around the world. Use your XP to unlock new abilities and talents for every hero level you gain — and most importantly, your hero’s level 10 Master Skin! Let’s not forget, this event will also get you an expedited way to player level 30, which opens up the Hero League!

Hero levels vs. Player levels: Hero level is for your individual hero, such as Arthas. You level up them up to their mastery level of ten to have all abilities, talents, and their mastery skin unlocked. Player level is based on your overall performance level. By reaching player level 30 you unlock the Hero League, where you face off against other skilled players in ranked matches.


This week’s sale has begun on the Nexus, and it’s giving you the chance to get those skins you want ever so bad and for cheap. Come check out this week’s solid selection!

Diablo — $4.24 USD
Uther — $4.24 USD
Lurkablo Diablo Skin — $4.99 USD
Medic Uther Skin — $4.99 USD
Stars and Stripes Raynor Skin — $2.49 USD
Kandy King Muradin Skin — $3.74 USD

Be sure to grab these while they’re still here! You have just one week!


Now, the good stuff!

At the E3 2015 PC Gamer keynote, Blizzard shared more about the first official expansion of Heroes of the Storm, The Eternal Conflict. We now have official confirmation of two new characters coming in hot from the Diablo universe: The Monk and King Leoric. 

King Leoric is going to be one hell of a tanky warrior built with a skill set to own the battlefield. To make things worse, when he dies, he becomes a wraith that just floats around and can’t attack, but any damage done to him during this period reduces his respawn time. The Monk is the first Diablo universe support role with a twist — you can play him as front-of-the-line brawler or a behind-the-lines support hero.

There’s a new game mode coming along with it as well: we’ll have a “daily quest” (for lack of a better term) to hunt and kill the Treasure Goblin! The Treasure Goblin will spawn before the match starts; if you kill it you have a chance to be awarded with special portraits for your profile and gold for your in-game purchases!

So until we catch some more wind of what’s new on the Nexus this is Orion signing off!

Orion is AYB’s Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, buttons, and firm handshakes, his opinions are his own.

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